pennysoftwarecompany: Specifications

Our pennysoftwarecompany.coms are everything you need to get started on your penny auction business venture. Look no further, we guarantee it works and we do it all from A to Z including server setup, payment gateway integration and training. read more

pennysoftwarecompany: Latest Themes

We have a library of different templates and designs that you can choose from and we can help you change any existing template color and themes. Our graphic design team is ready to work with you to customize any existing to design to meet your needs. read more

pennysoftwarecompany: Latest Modules

These additional ready plug-in modules can be purchased individually and and are ready to be plugged into the main system including Buy-it-Now, Winning Limit, Golden Time, Minimum Price, Multi-levels Auction, and many more. read more

Consultation Services

Just tell us your business needs and we will work with you to find the technology solutions to meet those needs. All information shall be kept private and confidential per NDA.

Custom Design Services

Our graphic design team will work with you define and customize your website to look and feel like no other Penny Auction site.

Coding Services

Our P.A.S. software is tested, ready and proven to work, however, we can further customize any function of our software so that you have an advantage over your competitors.

Training Service

Training - If you have not operated a penny auction business before, do not worry. We will train you from A to Z.

Hosting & Technical Support Services

Dedicated servers with dedicated support. Over 92% of our customers decided to host with us.

Internet Marketing & SEO Services

We provide E-mail Marketing, Pay per Click Management and Search Engine Optimizations Services.